Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Father's Day Is Just Around the Corner

Mother's Day is easy, flowers, candy, coupon cards for chores mom's are easy to bless. However I always have a harder time finding a gift for dad. Sure there is colonge, watches, wallets and sports paraphillina.

Making dad feel extra special and giving him something that is maybe a little less practical is always what I am looking for. Now that I am married I understand what father's want more then anything. Food! Gourmet treats, savory snacks and delicious drinks that are not the normal every day fare really make men happy.
In our town we have a World Market. Mini bite size delectables from all over the world make putting a gift basket together easy. Dipping mustard, crackers, unique sauces and meats from all corners of the globe paired with old fashion candies from dad's childhood  will make any gift desirable. Of course it does take a little time and effort but what a gift!
If you don't have the time to put a gift basket together there are plenty of online stores just waiting to get your gift sent out to dad in time for Father's Day. Planet Gift Baskets will even personalized your Ribbon to let Dad know just how you feel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Personalized Gift Basket

When you give a gift making it personalized is the best. It tells the person that you know a lot about them and have taken the time to give them a special gift tailored to them.  One of the most fun and exciting gifts to receive is a personalized gift basket.
How do you get a personalized gift basket?  There are many way to create or purchase one.  Most of us are busy, and by the time you pay the gas, put in the time, and find just what you want, oh and don’t forget you have to get the basket, it can really add up.  If you enjoy shopping and looking for nice quality things then making your own personalized gift basket is an excellent choice for you.   But if you are like most people, meaning you are short on time and don’t like going from place to place and actually have no idea how to personalize a gift basket, don’t worry.  There are many websites devoted to selling these gift baskets.
If you decide to make your own, get creative. Think about what the recipient likes best.  I once got a basket when my first child was born that included a magazine. I thought that was the sweetest gift. I didn’t have money to buy magazines so that was a luxury for me. The lady from our church who brought it said she once got a get well gift with a magazine and she liked the idea so much, she decided to add it to mine. It was much appreciated!
You can give personalized gift baskets to just about anyone.  Young or old, an acquaintance or a bosom buddy, everyone enjoys a gift that is personalized.  Some gift basket businesses can personalize just about anything.  Can you imagine the new mom opening a personalized baby blanket with her new little ones name on it?  Or a beach themed basket with the families name on each towel.  How about a lap blanket that says “Grammy” on it?  She will love seeing her grandma’s name each time she is a little cold and snuggles up to the gift you took time to pick out.
Go outside of the box when it is time to give a gift of love to someone you appreciate or care about.   Gifting a personalized gift basket filled with items you know your special someone will love is a fantastic gift idea…………for anytime or anyone.