Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last Minute Shower Gifts

Are you running late getting a gift  for the baby shower. These little baby socks, folded into roses will impress the best. Adorable and simple, these sweet roses will be the hit of the party. You'll have moms, grandparents and friends wanting their own bouquet. If you can't make it to the party or want to bring something truly unique order a box of these everlasting roses. Your gift is sure to make a lasting impression.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Party Marty - Celebrate!

This is one of the cutest little gifts you can give this year. It's perfect for a child or an adult. Imagine the smile on their face when this little guy pops up singing "Celebrate Good Times". The monkey moves up and down as he serenades, inviting loads of celebration. 
Perfect as a birthday gift, a congratulation for a job promotion, or for the graduate this gift is sure to please and will be the hit of the party.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Budgets are tight this year, so creativity is going to be your best friend. Spending a little time, which costs you almost nothing, and a single rose might have you in the running for Valentine of the Year.
 Here is what you do :

Think of 4-5 places that have a special meaning. First place you kissed, first date, place you proposed or even where you met. If you do not want to drive all around town, or the places you met are too far away, thinking up a few simple clues around the house, yard or town will be just as fun.

Write out your clues. You do not want these to be so hard that they will never guess. Keep them simple. If your first clue is to the car, you could write "Where I sit next to you when we are driving" If your clue is where you first kissed, your clue could be " The bench where I first kissed you"

Hide your clues. Enlist your friends or family if you need to. Most people are happy to help out a romantic gesture. I remember years ago a young man coming in 2 hours before he brought his date to the restaurant I worked at and giving us roses and a note. We set the table up just before they came, and she was none the wiser.

Write a love note. Nothing says I love you like a handwritten note detailing your true thoughts. The final destination can contain your love note with a single rose.

A simple scavenger hunt this year will stay in his/her mind for many years to come. Be prepared to get some dirty looks from the guys who bought their girlfriends chocolate.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Massage Oils

It doesn't matter if your young or old, personal massages from the one you love will be a welcomed gift anytime of year. If  your spouse is not into flowers and candy this Valentines Day, this will no doubt be the best gift you can buy. Men and women both love having a massage after a long day. It helps to relax tired worn out muscles, and the touch of another human warms the soul. It is a proven fact that babies without any human touch, while fed and kept clean, will die if they are not touched. There is something inside us that desires and needs to have human interaction.

To make a quick and easy gift this year for Valentines Day, buy one or two bottles of a special massage oil and attach a few homemade coupons good for 15 or 20 minute massages. If your budget allows, purchase a CD of instrumental music and light some candles. With a little preparation and a lot of sincerity your gift will be one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Don't get upset if you are asked for it again next year.