Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last Minute Baby Gifts

Recently one of our family members had a baby. An adorable baby girl that can melt any heart. Those first few days of cuddling the newborn with her little baby whimpers and noises keep everyone oohing and awing.
What kind of gift could you bring to such a newborn? Something just as special as she is?

This oh so adorable pink cuddly blanket was a perfect choice for our little niece. Embroidered with her name and birthday it makes a beautiful keepsake for mom or baby and is super soft and cuddly with it's plush covering. A little one's first teddy comes with this adorable gift. Personalized and cuddly, it's just a perfect last minute gift.
You can find this gift too at Planet Gifts
Lots of colors to choose from for the little ones in your family.