Friday, August 5, 2011

Perfect Gift for the Teen

This year my twins turned 13. Some friends of ours gave them a unique gift that they talked about for weeks. It really was a simple gift, $13.00 to be exact, however they wrapped it in such a way that the kids had a blast opening it.

First they took every dollar bill and rolled them as tight as they could. Once they were tight they wrapped it in foil and plastic wrap. Then each dollar bill was wrapped with layers and layers of duct tape.
If that wasn't enough, each dollar bill that was securely wrapped was then placed inside another wrap of foil and plastic and wrapped again with duct tape. Then they were placed in a small box and wrapped with more duct tape. On the top was an origami folded dollar bill as good luck for their 14th year.

Such a simple gift, easy and last minute, but they had so much fun with it!

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