Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shop At Home Ideas For Gifts

When I was a kid I was always on time. When it was time for a spelling test, never fear, I had studied and was ready.  My chores were done in the morning.  It was just who I was.  In fact, I often did things ahead of time. But somewhere between college and real life I have found I truly procrastinate.  So now, once again Christmas is almost here and I have not shopped for the people I love the most.  And the people I like most days but I should show appreciation to (like my boss, the mail man who puts up with our barking dog, and my neighbor who always has a friendly hello).  So what do I do?
After much research I have found that I can still get my shopping done, and get good deals as well, all without leaving home.  Here are some of my finds.  Next year I hope to do a better job but just in case I don’t I am relieved to know I can get it done-and even in time.
A gift basket is a great last minute gift Idea.  People love baskets. They can be filled with all sorts of stuff.  I was amazed at a site called Planet Gift Baskets.  They have thought of everything and anything. They even have a perfect basket full of dark chocolate for my hard to buy for father n law.
I also found you can get great last minute gifts at Overstock. What I like about them is that they ship almost immediately.  And they have everything.  Even baby stuff for my new grand niece who lives in Idaho.
Another favorite site is Amazon. I know, it sounds generic but I was able to really compare prices and I found my son a guitar. The price was a special and it was cheaper than the black Friday sale (the one I mean to go to but procrastinated and planned poorly). 
You really can find some great last minute gifts that will make you the most popular relative around. And don’t worry, there are stills sales and you can get in on the bargains. Just take your time and get going. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do now. HA.  Have a blessed Christmas while at it.


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